Date Thyself

Being the single lady that I am, over the years I’ve gotten used to going out and doing things on my own. I like going out on dates with myself and treating myself to little adventures. On Wednesday, I went and saw World War Z (because zombies are awesome) and I had a great time sitting by myself enjoying the movie.

I talked a little bit about it on Facebook and was happy to hear that a lot of other people like going out on solo dates as well, but some of you are still skeptical.

Chances are you’re afraid of feeling awkward and looking weird.

That’s totally okay, because you probably will feel awkward the first time and you might look weird, but weird is awesome because it encourages others to be weird and awesome too.

There are so many ideas for solo dates. You can go out to dinner, go out to the movies, go get a massage, or a manicure, or visit a museum. You can go to the bookstore and then to a coffee shop, or go look at art, or find good live music to listen to. Taking a trip to the park and enjoying writing blog posts used to be a favorite of mine!

Don’t let being alone intimidate you!

If you feel a little awkward about being alone bring along a book, notebook, sketchbook, a laptop, or a fully charged phone, it’ll makes things a little bit easier, and if you start feeling awkward you can distract yourself. If you need a little bit of inspiration on the whole aloneness front CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO it’s totally inspiring and after you watch it you’ll feel pretty good about the going out alone thing. 

You can also have a stay-at-home date.

Cook yourself a great meal. Take a luxuriously long bath. Have a movie-marathon of your favorites or watch the newest release. Cuddle up with a good book. Make a cup of delicious tea. Sit outside on the porch and enjoy being alive.

For your date, get all dolled up, wear what makes you feel good and confident and sexy. Put on makeup or don’t, wear a dress or your favorite jammies, as long as you’re happy it’s all good. Think about buying yourself a new outfit or even new underwear. Never underestimate the feeling of absolute world-dominating power you can feel with some pretty, sexy, underoos.

What’s your ideal date with yourself?