Decision Based in Fear

I was looking through my oracle decks and I realized I haven’t pulled out the Animal Dreaming oracle cards in awhile and today felt like a good day. I pulled the Bilby card of fear. Bilbies, the name meaning long-nosed rat, are desert-dwelling marsupial omnivores in Australia. As they are on the verge of extinction the words that surround them are fear and vulnerability.

Fear vs Love

A lot of our decisions are either based in fear or based in love. What the Bilby wants to teach us is how to see where our decisions are coming from. Are we making them from fear or are we making them from love and is that the best decision for us?

Fear has a way of spreading through our lives like wildfire and if we allow it to, it can overwhelm rational thought with fear, fear, fear, stopping us from seeing and being what we are meant to be.

What is fear stopping you from doing? Should you let it?

I am notoriously bad at allowing fear to steer my decisions to something safe. The only time I make ‘brave’ decisions is on a whim, impulsively, when I don’t give fear the time to sink its claws into me.

“Most of us journey through life working largely from two basic lesson manuals labelled clearly with the words, ‘Love’ and ‘Fear.’  Whenever we are faced with a choice or a dilemma we check these manuals.  Most people favour one over the other, checking the pages for answers and seeking confirmation that is usually based on previous experience.

If the Bilby has appeared in your cards now, be brave enough to ask yourself which book you think you favor.  Be honest.  Like most people, you may be surprised to find yourself thumbing through a well-worn ‘Book of Fear.’  Don’t dismay though – Bilby is offering to symbolically listen for, harness and carry the burdens of your fears for you at this time.  But this will only be a temporary arrangement.  It is vitally important that you realize where your fears lie, and for you to develop your own strategies to reverse their influence within your life.

Look to the Bilby and allow him to teach you how to control your fears so that they do not envelope your soul and prevent you from realizing your true destiny.” – Animal Dreaming Guidebook

What’s something you’re afraid of but feel called to do anyway?