Discovering my path…

Ahoy there! I’ve been loving all of the responses to the 2013 survey on where I should head in this next year. The direction has been amazing.

Thank you so much.

I figured I’d share the results (so far) with you guys. If you are interested in filling it out, you still have until January 31st to do so, I’d love to hear your opinion! I really want to listen to you and allow you to guide me. We’re a democracy! I am so grateful I get to do this. If there’s something that doesn’t resonate with you or something you disagree with, take the survey and let me know!

Favorite Blog Posts

93% of you are loving Self Care Sunday, where I post about Self Care and Self Love. Since this is the topic that I am most passionate about, I am so glad that you are loving it! Thursday’s Oracle Card posts came in last with only 32% so that might be something that I need to re-think!

What You Want More Of

Self Love! Is that any surprise? I am so glad that you are all so interested in it, and wanting to learn about it. I have a million ideas for future posts so it makes me so thrilled that you want more Self Love Lovin’s. In second place we have Spirituality and then Goddesses and the Divine Feminine. I’m pretty excited about incorporating more of that into what I do and what I share.

3 Words to Describe Me

I got so many amazing responses to this question! You all think that I’m bright, inspiring, and helpful. I really loved all of the sweet words you attributed to me. You all are amazing!

Future Products You’re Excited About

The two options that are the most popular are Embrace the Goddess Within You (ebook or e-course on seeing the Divine within you) and Discover Your Goddess (How to find + connect with + honor ancient Goddesses). Yay for Goddesses! I can’t think of anything that I would love better than helping you all to see the amazing Goddess spirit that lives within you!

Your Dream Products (Some of my favorites)

Inspirational T-Shirts (yes! yes! yes!) I love this idea!
How to tap into your Intuition
How to accept yourself in the moment
Daily reminders to remember to have fun daily in my life

What I Learned

You guys aren’t too big on the business stuff. The most important feedback that I got is that you don’t want this to become a blog about running a business. I totally hear you! I used to be absolutely in love with a blog, it was everything that my heart and soul needed, and then it changed, it became about business all of the time and it kind of broke my heart.

I know that with success comes a certain amount of pride, as well as a desire to share that with others. I’m thinking that the Business Stuff will probably be something Newsletter-y that those that want to learn about it, can sign up to do so.

At the end of the day, this is your space! I am here to serve you!

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