Do You Celebrate?

The other day I was hunting for incense to burn. I must admit something here, I am a huge incense junkie. At one time I had a collection of nearly 100 scents, all hand-dipped in essential oils and each scent stored in a ziploc bag and labeled.

Anyway, I picked a bag at random and saw that it was one of my all time favorites. Instead of burning one I put it back.

“That one is special. I’ll save it for later.”

Do you ever do that with random things? I’ve done it with tea, and clothes, and candles, and lotions, and perfumes, and paints, even books, I kid you not! If there’s an author that I love and she releases a book, I’ll wait to read it, put it off for a later time, when I need something good to read instead of treating myself to the reading of it now. That situation usually turns into “Why didn’t I read this sooner?!”

Sometimes it’s good to use those things that you’re saving for a special occasion.

Especially if you’re one of those people that keeps waiting and waiting until you forget you even have that thing to begin with. Pull out the good china more often than you do. Get dressed up just because you can. I don’t think that it takes anything away from the big occasions.

There’s something to be said for celebrating the everyday.

To say “this day is good enough just because” is an awesome feeling. Each day is wondrous and magical and extraordinary if you allow it to be.

Do you ever do this? What things do you save for special occasions? 

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