be my own best friend

Do You Like Yourself? Learn to be Your Own Best Friend

It’s a quiet morning and I’m enjoying the peace and shuffling through my cards. I want to pull one for you and share the wisdom I find there. This week’s Wisdom Card has this message for you. “I love and accept myself right now.” and “I am in the process of becoming my own best friend — the person I am most joyous to be with.”

I’m living this and breathing this right now. I sincerely like who I am. If I ran into myself out in the world I would think I’m super cool and pretty interesting. I have lived alone in my cozy little apartment for seven years now. Some people are shocked to hear this. They just don’t get how living alone could be anything but lonely and boring.

Livingย alone used to beย aย nightmare.

In the beginning, I hated it. The silence was oppressive, I hated coming home to the emptiness day after day after day. I filled my days with playing online video games (World of Warcraft addict here!) because it allowed me to not be “present”. I didn’t have to acknowledge that I was utterly and completely alone. What I really wanted was a partner, someone to share that silence with so badly, and it led me to fall for the wrong person just to try to fill it.

I sank into a depression.

Today it is a completely different story. I LOVE my company. If you haven’t noticed, I am a pretty awesome chick, quite entertaining, and my heart is pretty gigantic; what’s not to love? I have learned to entertain myself, to take care of and love myself. You can learn that too. Like any relationship, it takes work, communication, and a whole lot of love, but it’s worth it.

be my own best friend

When I’m in a bad mood I usually have an internal dialogue with myself and it goes something like this:

“Okay Dominee. What do you need sweetie? I’m going to get you a nice cup of tea okay? And how about comfy pajamas? And you know that song you like to dance around to wearing nothing but your underwear? Let’s try listening to that.”

I guarantee you I will not want to move from my spot on my couch. I will not want to listen to music and I will not want to even attempt to feel better, but Best-Friend-Dominee doesn’t care, she gets up and she takes care of me, because that’s what best friends do.

I’ve learned how to be my own best friend.

And when I’m anxious and feeling overwhelmed? I tell myself how good I’m doing.

So spend some time today working on your relationship with you. Do something fun with yourself and know that you don’t need another person to “share” fun with to make it valid and meaningful. Dance around your house, do something super nice for you just because, look in the mirror and know that you’re a pretty awesome, amazing, fantastic, you!

What’s your friendship status with yourself?