Do You See Who You Really Are?

Most of us have dark places inside of us. Those shadowy places wherein dwell the knowledge of the mistakes we’ve made, the things that we’re ashamed of, and the darker sides of our personalities.

How hard is it to acknowledge that part of you?

This oracle card The Mirror from Oracle of the Mermaids is a reminder not to shun that part of yourself. Don’t pretend that it’s invisible or that it doesn’t exist because in doing so you deny the existence of a part of who you are.

Refusing to see the truth of who you are, those raw, dark, shadowed parts of yourself does you and the people around you a disservice. Don’t get so caught up in your public self, the you that the rest of the world sees, that you forget who you really are.

Don’t lose the vulnerability, the wounds and scars of your experiences, don’t cover them up and camouflage them pretending that they aren’t a part of you.

This mermaid encourages us to stand in front of her mirror and see our true selves. To love those parts of ourselves simply because they exist within us.

It is time to allow others to love us for who we are.

You don’t have to wear a mask. You don’t have to pretend that you are all love and light all of the time. You don’t have to turn your back to the other parts of yourself.

It’s okay not to be happy all of the time, to acknowledge that you’ve been hurt and you haven’t recovered all of the way, to share that everything’s not always okay, that you aren’t strong every moment of every day.

It’s okay to be you, all of you.

Do you have trouble showing those vulnerable sides to yourself?