Dolphin Magic

So I decided to splurge a few weeks ago and get five new Oracle Decks and I am so excited to share their wisdom and words with you!

This week’s message comes from the Animal Dreaming Oracle Card deck and I absolutely love it. The cards are beautifully illustrated Australian animals and the messages are so powerful and in-depth.

The card that I pulled for this week is Dolphin who is breath.

Dolphin’s message takes us back to the womb, to the healing waters that gave us life and gave us birth. Dolphin wants you to close your eyes and imagine yourself enclosed in warm waters.

Wrap yourself up in the safety and security. Let the water heal you. This is especially important if you had a bad childhood. Imagine yourself being rebirthed. Taking your breath for the first time. Dolphin is great to call upon for the birthing of creative products as well.

Even though Dolphin lives in the water it is essential for it to breathe. Breathing techniques can reduce stress and anxiety, enhance passion and sexuality, and allow for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Learning to control your breath, whether it be in meditation, or in other situations can have a profound effect on us. For example if you’re really stressed out let yourself expel your breath in a big whooosh, just like the dolphin does as it rises out of the water. Let the stress and anxiety leave your body.

When dolphin shows up in your life you should ask yourself what is being given life in your creative womb? Are you getting enough fresh air and breathing deeply? 

Breathe new life into your life and into your ventures.

p.s. I love you alot.

p.p.s. I’d love to hear what creative dreams you are manifesting right now.