Don’t Apologize For Your Body

Have you ever apologized for your body?

I have, more times than I can count, and it makes me sad. I think a lot of us are insecure about our bodies in our early adulthood. It almost seems natural to be insecure, doesn’t it? Growing up we are bombarded with images of ‘beauty’, our role-models look a certain way and it’s very hard to break out of that box when there are few people telling us differently.

Commercials don’t tell us that our bodies are fine the way they are. They tell us to join this gym or program, take this supplement or that pill, use this make-up to be beautiful, use this cream to look younger. I wish there were more visible resources that said

“Celebrate your body just the way it is. You are perfect just as you are.”

Your body is not something to apologize for, ever. I’ve apologized because my legs aren’t shaved, because I have stretch marks, because I am fat and thus ‘ugly’, because my breasts aren’t perky, because my hair isn’t done, because there’s stray hair on my face and my eyebrows aren’t plucked and my teeth aren’t white enough.

I apologize because my body isn’t perfect and because it’s not perfect it can’t be beautiful.




No. First off, this whole idea of perfection is created by the people that want to sell you something. There’s nothing to gain (except self-acceptance, body love, empowered women) by telling us that our bodies are fine. Where’s the profit in that? They make money by making us believe that what we are is not good enough.

Our bodies are good enough.

So don’t apologize for the way that you were made. Don’t apologize for the way that you are. Don’t apologize for your body, amazing creation that it is. I’ve stopped making apologies and I’ve felt the changes in myself and in my life. Once you flip that switch in your brain that tells you to stop apologizing and start embracing – life gets pretty fabulous.

What apologies are you going to stop making?