Don’t Put Your Happiness In One Basket

Are you guilty of pinning all of your happiness on one thing? That thing goes wrong or it doesn’t go your way and suddenly life just sucks? *raises hand* I am guilty as charged but I am trying to do better.

Just because one thing sucks doesn’t mean everything has to suck.

That was an amazing lesson for me to learn that I discovered through SARK’s Glad No Matter What. Just because you are sad about one thing doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy about other things. You don’t have to let your emotions bully you into feeling only one thing. You get to be in control, you get to tell ’em what’s-what’s.

It’s all about balance and compartmentalizing your feelings and emotions. 

If you are upset about a relationship it doesn’t have to bleed into your happiness about your business or vice-versa. I’ve gotten into tough spots with friends and suddenly all of the happiness gets sucked out of me no matter what else is going on in my life, regardless of the other things that could and should be making me happy. I ignore them and allow one situation to dictate whether or not I’m happy.

Other times I’ll be feeling a bit wibbly-wobbly about my business and then I stop noticing what great friends I have, how much I like my other job, and how amazing life is in general.

Your happiness isn’t contingent on one thing.

Remember that, even when it’s hard to remember, even when one thing goes wrong and you’re tempted to let it ruin your day. You are allowed to be happy and sad. You are allowed to be happy and upset or happy and angry. Allow your emotions to coexist with one another instead of letting one beat the other over the head until it goes away.

Do you have trouble allowing your emotions to co-exist?