Embrace Newness!

April is the month of empowerment and one way to feel empowered in your life is to shake things up and try something new. It makes you feel brave and powerful and we could all use a bit of that every now and then! I’m one of those people that really really enjoys doing the same old things the same old way. Routine is one of the mortal enemies of anxiety and that makes us BFFs but sometimes you need to shake it up. You need that proverbial breath of fresh air to keep your soul shining. When you don’t moveΒ you get covered in dust and you get all groan-y and creak-y. So take a really big brave breath, shake yourself all over and shake up your life. ((Even if it’s just a gentle shake, more like a baby bounce)) Embrace newness!

Find something to fall in love with.

Do you remember the last time you listened to an amazing song? Not just a good song but one that blew your mind and made you so happy to know that there are people in the world with talent and instruments that make crazy good noise? Or a book that made you fling yourself backward on the bed, clutching it to your chest while you let out a dreamy sigh? Find something new to make your heart sing, a hobby, a friendship, or even a really great show on netflix. No judgement here.

Mix up your routine.

Take a look at your routine and then decide if what you are doing every. single. day. is actually what you want to be doing. Try a new type of tea or coffee in the morning, take the scenic route to work or do something new and walk there. Try a new restaurant or order something other than your regular. Don’t do the zombie through life, don’t be mindless, don’t settle for acceptable, aim for awesome.

Change up your space.

Spring is a great time to clean, declutter, but also redecorate! Buy (or create) new paintings to hang up, move the furniture around, open the windows for fresh air more often, give everything a through dusting and cleaning. Do yard work and plant new things or get a new house plant to love all over. Get rid of the things that no longer make you smile when you look at them. Make your space your space.

Do something that you’re really afraid to do.

I’m feeling this one right now. I feel like spring creates a lot of brand new opportunities and it’s a lesson in courage on where you want to spend your energy. Holding onto that bravery and taking risks is a scary process but usually one that’s well worth it. Go for that job interview, take the leap and start a blog or online business, decide that it’s time to get into a relationship with a really amazing person, embrace your true self and don’t let anyone tell you you’re too much or not good enough.

Make more room.

Make space in your life for the things that matter. If you’re hung up on someone who is playing with your heart or your emotions let them go so you can invite something better into your life. Let go of the habits that are holding you back. Refresh your mentalities about life and let go of those old beliefs that are stopping you from being your brightest self.

You are so strong and so brave, exercise that power.

Be happy, be in love with life, be the master of your own destiny, and don’t forget who’s in charge!