jar candle magic

Embrace Your Magic: Jar Candle Magic

Let’s talk about magical, witchy, things. I figured I’d start off with something easy to do with something that you probably have around your house. Next to prayer, which is the most basic magical thing you can do, candle magic is pretty simple.

I have several ways of doing candle magic, it really all depends on what is easiest for me and what I have at hand. Not to mention I love candles. Who doesn’t? They create a wonderful ambiance and they smell nice!

The point of candle magic is to put your intention into a candle and then burn the candle to release your intention out into the world. Pretty simple, no? I usually use candle magic to promote peace and calm within my life and my home. You can light the candle and let it burn all of the way through or you can light, and re-light, the candle at intervals. I have a specific lavender candle that I light when I’m upset and need to calm down. Once I feel better I blow it out.

I’m going to tell you about my favorite type of candle magic which is jar candle magic.

I actually came up with this concept myself but I’m sure you could find it in a book somewhere, it seems obvious. I’ve read about carving into candles, writing letters and setting them under candles, praying over candles. I’m sure this is a thing.

All you need is one of those candles that come in a jar, a permanent marker, and your intention. Write a word, a phrase, a prayer, a message, onto the glass and you’re done.

Voila, it’s magic.

I’ve written whole prayers on the bigger jars and it’s a beautiful practice for me.

Ancestor Altar I have a big lilac candle (my grandmother’s favorite scent) and on the jar I’ve written words of love to her. Whenever I am thinking about her, or want to feel close to her, I light the candle in honor of her memory and recite the little prayer. I like to think that every time I light that candle she knows I’m thinking about her.

jar candle magic

Mood Magic: Say that you want to let go of anxiety and bring peace into your life. Write the word ‘Peace’ on the jar with the permanent marker, then hold the candle in your hand, imagining a peaceful feeling coming over yourself. Envision calm and peace flowing through your hands and into the candle and then light it. Every time you light that candle you are reinforcing that feeling of calm.

Same thing with anger. Have an anger candle that you write curse words on and let it burn your anger away.

Maybe an uplifting scented candle for your sad days where you write a loving message?

Holidays and Full Moons: Burning candles can sometimes be a little hazardous, considering pets and kids. Jar candles are great for writing full moon blessings or your wishes for the sabbats.

Goddesses: I have a house-cleaning candle which has a little prayer to Hestia on it, whenever I clean I light it for a little extra magic and an Aphrodite candle that sits on my altar.

So that’s how a candle and a permanent marker is one of my most powerful and magical practices. (You can even use a dry erase marker if you’re frugal!)

What will your jar say?