Embrace Your Sacred Life: Spiritual Self Care

Sacred means connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose. It is our way to connect and to honor what is holy or meaningful to us and our spirituality. Are you embracing the sacred in your life? Are you nourishing your spirit? My word-of-the-year is Magic and for me, that means embracing Spirit in my life.

I’ve been getting in touch with my life and making it sacred.

I was thinking about my day, of the little rituals that make up my day, and how they connect me so deeply to my version of the Divine. They became sacred because of how they make me feel and the connection that they give me to the lifeblood of my existence. Taking a warm bath and submerging myself under the water is connection. Cleaning my sacred space invites connection. Dancing in the dark makes me feel that tether to something bigger and greater than myself.

There are so many things in life that hold that thread of divinity.

It’s amazing what mundane things can become the glue that hold us to our faith.

The only difference between sacred and mundane is how you choose to see it. It’s entirely subjective and that’s so awesome to me. Sacred is unique to you and your relationship with God. It’s not the same for everyone.

My own spiritual practice is a mixture of traditions. Cleaning is sacred because it connects me to the Goddess Hestia, a goddess with energy close to my heart. The act of clearing my space, of de-cluttering, of making it look clean and comfortable – that is a very sacred act for me.

Listening to music that resonated inside of my heart is another thing that creates a deeply spiritual connection.

I wanted to share how embracing the mundane as sacred allows us to be empowered and to invite the Divine into our lives on a daily basis.

This is my spiritual self-care.

Whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual, a free spirit, ambivalent, or indifferent – taking care of yourself on a spiritual level is part of the whole self-love experience.

Everyone is spiritual in different ways. Pray, meditate, walk in nature, do the things that bring you close to Great Spirit by whatever name you call him/her. Allow yourself to be grateful for the things that you have. Take time to sit in contemplation. Have spiritual experiences, this is different for everyone, find what it means to you. Serve, or give, in a way that is meaningful to you.
What makes your spirit sing?
Or brings you closer to the spirit of God or Goddess, the Universe, or just your divine self? What things make you feel powerful on a spiritual level?

What things are sacred to you?