Embracing the Goddess in 2013

Why hello there 2013, it’s quite nice to meet you! Welcome Wishcasters as well! Today Jamie Ridler asks us what is our wish for 2013. So many wonderful plans and ideas and inspirations. (In fact, if you’d help me out with that by taking my survey I’d love you forever)!

There are a lot of things that I want to do in this new year. 2012 gave me a whole heap of confidence as to what I am capable of. It was busy and bustling and full of miracles and magic, however there was something missing.

I kept trying to recapture it but then I get distracted and I always ran out of time.

I wish to make the time to delve deep into my spirituality. 

It’s such an important aspect of my life but it is also one that gets pushed aside in favor of things that involve do-ing instead of be-ing.

It is time for silence, for stillness, and for embracing those things within me that wait silently for notice. I look forward to the changes that it creates within me and in my life.

I am wishing you a wonderful new year!

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