Encouragement Cards

Encouragement Cards

I wanted to create some cards that embodied what I wish someone would have told me as a teenager. With the help of my 15-year-old niece, I created these encouragement cards. It's full of kind and loving reminders.

These encouragement cards can go in classrooms, in lunchboxes, or lockers. You can print them out and put them in a jar, bag, or box and have the teenagers pull one as a daily reminder or when they're having a bad day.

These are meant to be printed (cardstock would be best) and then cut out! (There are faint gray dotted lines to guide your scissors)

There are also two label pages. You can print them out on sticky paper or regular paper. Then, use tape to put them on the container where you keep the cards.

I've also included cards with no words so that you can create your own (either for you or the kiddos in your life!).

And of course, there are black and white ones if you'd prefer to save on ink and color them in yourself!

Here's what you'll be receiving with a purchase of the encouragement cards!

- One 8-page PDF in full color (two label pages with 6 labels and 6 card pages with six cards on each)
- One 8-page PDF in black and white (two label pages with 6 labels and 6 card pages with six cards on each)
- And then two 8-page PDFs with no words (one is black and white and one is full color.
- Letter Size (8.5 x 11 inches)
- This is a downloadable file!

And keep an eye out - I'll be creating more cards in the future!