evening inventory

Evening Inventory Printables

Do you ever have those days where you just can’t sleep? Your mind is on overdrive – looping over and over on something that you wish would just leave you alone so that you could get some much needed zzz’s? Yeah, me too.

evening inventory

I’ve always found journaling to be one of the best forms of self-driven therapy (Check out my Journaling Workbook!). The act of creating space to get into my head, take an account of it, and write it down has always been incredibly soothing to me. It allows me to take all of that mental baggage and “move” it into a different container – paper. 

The Evening Inventory worksheet allows you to take stock of your day and release the negative while also reminding yourself of the positive.

  • What was your overall feeling or mood and why? (It’s just paper – you’re allowed to drop all of the f-bombs you want)
  • What did you accomplish? (All the things count! Keeping your temper in check while upset? Counts. Getting out of bed when you’re depressed? Counts. Doing those unpleasant adulting things? Counts!)
  • How did you practice self-love and self-care? (Did you think something nice about yourself? Celebrate yourself? Carve time out of your day for yourself? There should be at least one thing every day that is just for you)
  • What do you need to let go of? (Unpleasant thoughts about yourself? A mistake you made? A perception of someone else’s thoughts about you?)
  • What are you grateful for?

Download the Evening Inventory Worksheet

If you’re interested in more worksheets that help you dig into your own thoughts, check out my anxiety workbook – Breathe. If you are kept up at night by anxious thoughts the worksheets in Breathe. will really help. There are worksheets specifically designed to get you to stop being catastrophic about the future (because you aren’t a mind reader!), worksheets to help you focus on the present, let go of other people’s opinions about you and more!

How do you deal with thoughts that keep you awake?

evening inventory