Evening Self-Care Workbook

Your Evening Self-Care Routine is SO Important.

evening self-care workbookI created this digital workbook for anyone who struggles to make time for self-care in the evening. If you struggle to fall asleep or struggles to have good sleep, I hope this helps! Your evening self-care routine is so important to the quality of sleep you have and your energy level the next day.

What does your evening self-care routine look like? Do you lay in bed on your phone scrolling... and scrolling... and scrolling...? Are you the type who works from home and works right up to the point where it's time to go to sleep? (*Ahem* That's me.) Do you lay in bed consumed by anxious thoughts? Analyzing what happened throughout your day? Going over what's on your to-do list for tomorrow? Obsessing about all the things you could've and should've done? (That's also me.)

I created this for you. I want you to create a soft and gentle practice of winding down and letting go of the day and this Evening Self-Care Workbook will help you do that. It's full of suggestions, journaling prompts, and worksheets to help you get the best sleep ever.

evening self-care workbook
evening self-care workbook
evening self-care workbook

Here's What's Inside!

-29 page PDF (with a black and white version for easy printing!)evening self-care workbook
- Evening Brain Dump Worksheets
- Two pages of Affirmation Cards
- A Monthly and Yearly Sleep Tracker
- How to do Progressive Muscle Relaxation
- Grading your Sleep Hygiene
- Evening Self-Care Challenge
- Nightmare and Dream Logs
- Evening Checklist
- Evening Inventory and Journaling Prompts
- Intensive Sleep Review

With all of my products, not only can you download them and print them out, but you can also fill them in straight from your computer or phone. With your phone, apps like XoDo or GoodNotes allow you to "write" inside the PDF. You can carry it around with you whenever you need it! You can also have the PDF printed from someplace like Staples or FedEx, if you'd prefer a physical copy!