Every Day Magic: Shower It Away

This month I’ve found myself focusing on little acts of magic. I’m feeling the call of my spirituality, I’m feeling the magic and incorporating it more into my life. I wanted to share one itty bitty thing I’ve been doing that has a profound effect on my state of mind + is a little witchy + is self care. That’s what we need more of. Not just celebrating the holidays (or sabbats!) but adding more magic into the everyday.
When I get off work I’m often tired and a bit sweaty from the bike ride home. Usually, I just pop in for a quick, mindless shower. I’m on autopilot mode. I don’t even think about it anymore, it’s all part of the routine. This month, I’ve been working on mindfulness, intention, and adding more to my day in every way that I can think of. That zombie-fied routine has become a sacred ritual for me.

Here’s my Shower It Away Ritual.

Light candles + incense + get in a magic/spiritual mood.

Put Pandora on your favorite station or make a playlist.

For a bit of an aromatherapy shower, put a few drops of essential oil on a washcloth and hang it somewhere in the shower or put a few drops in a soap dish. The heat and the steam will disperse the scent.
Get in the shower and as the water hits you start reciting all of the things you want to let go of.

Envision the water washing away all of those things. Letting them swirl down the drain. The things that you’re holding on to that upset you or made you anxious, the thoughts that you had that aren’t serving your greater purpose. All of the negative, beat-yourself-up, thoughts that you had throughout the day.

Just let it all go.

When you feel like you’ve done that, imagine that the droplets are filled with warm light. Filling you up. Making you glow.
Add self love + body love to it by blessing each part of your body as you wash it. Thank your feet and legs for standing strong, thank your hands as you wash them for all of the things that they create. Tell your body that you love it. I love you, belly. I love you, hips. Love you, thighs.
When you’re ready to get out of the shower, treat it as if you’ve just bathed in holy waters. As if you are preparing for some magical working (you are, it’s called life!).
Anoint yourself with oils or lotion. Lovingly brush your hair. Adorn yourself with your everyday jewelry.
I’ve been doing this every day this week and I always feel so powerful afterward. Like I’m ready to take over the world and make magic happen.

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