Fall In Love With Being Kind To Yourself

I really like being kind to myself. There is never a day where I don’t show myself indness. I’m really into the simple things in life. I love tea and books and soft blankets and as long as I have those things I’m generally a happy person.

I remember years ago, my desperate search to find things to make me happy. It seemed like a never-ending quest in finding something to make me feel good inside. First it was food. I ate my feelings and I had a lot of feelings. Then it was love, destructive, hurtful, not-good-for-me-love. Everyday a new problem, a new bit of drama, a new (or rehashed) argument. I thought those moments of happiness every few days were worth it. Then I started gaming and living in this fantasy world where I did really cool things and didn’t have to think about my life or whether or not I was happy, because at least I was busy. Then I got into jogging and exercise and while it was good for my body it didn’t really make me happy either. I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment and I got addicted to that, but happiness? Not really.

Then I found blogs like Gala Darling’s and I thought to myself if I could be pretty like her and have a life like her, then I would finally be happy dressed in sequins and glitter. But I can’t do make-up to save my life, my favorite clothes are pajama-pants and a top with cats all over it, and just the thought of traveling all over the world gives me anxiety.

I found other blogs that made me feel like I needed to do this or that and then I’d look radiant and happy. There’s this well-known piece of business advice that everyone bats about.

“Sell your clients the life they wish they had.”

And it works, because we’re all looking for ways to be happy and successful and live on the beach while we make oodles of money. We’ve all heard of the Grass Is Always Greener syndrome. And let’s be honest, that grass does look pretty green, but, and I’m going to get REALLY clichéd right now. “The grass is greener where you water it.”

Yeah, I went there.

Life would probably be uber amazing for you if you took selfies in first class on your way to far off places but it can also be completely amazing right now. When you do all of those little things that make your heart happy. The satisfaction you get from accomplishing your goals. Every little thing that you do that makes you happy – that’s the life that you should strive for.

That’s the life I want to sell you.

I want you to find stupiddumb things that make you happy and who cares if anyone else gets it? I want you to happy always, that’s number one.

Find the happiness in the everyday things. Happiness starts right now, where you are. Fall in love with being kind to yourself. Fall in love with doing all of the little things that make you smile. Like wearing cat pajamas. #Goals

What simple things make you happy? How are you kind to yourself?

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