February 2017 Full Moon Tarot Reading

It’s a cold morning here. I have the candles lit around me and my electric blanket warm on my lap. I shuffle the tarot cards, trying to see what they have to show us this moon cycle. Look at the cards and then use your gut to choose one. Scroll down to see what message the cards hold for you.

This month I am using the Everyday Witch Tarot.

This full moon is powerful because there is also a lunar eclipse. It’s time to get clear on your path right now. It’s time to let this beautiful energy propel you forward.

If you’re feeling the antsiness of waiting for the sun to return, you aren’t alone. It’s time to start planning, time to start getting excited about what is to come.

Let your intuition guide you.

Which card are you drawn to, which one speaks to you, which card do you choose?

Which card did you choose?

Card One: Five of Pentacles

This card shows two figures and a cat at the end of their trek through the snowy woods at night. They see a cheery light in the distance, a place to rest and warm themselves and recover from the long journey. This card represents coming out of a dark period in your life. If you’ve been feeling like you’re struggling through the snow, trying to find your way, and running into nothing but more snow and no destination in sight, it’s coming to end.

If you’ve been struggling with making a decision – make one. Trust your gut and let it lead to greater things.

Embrace the concept of warmth, comfort, and safety in your life. Seek those things.

Card Two: The Empress

The Empress is all about embracing your feminine energy. There’s that nurturing side that we all have. That side that wants to give, to take care of, to hold and soothe. This would be the perfect opportunity to turn that Mother-Energy right toward yourself. Where do you need to be coddled and loved on? Maybe it’s something emotional, like taking the time to grieve or acknowledge an ending – or something physical like creating an at-home spa day or resting if you’re on the edge of burn-out.

In this card, we see a pregnant woman, and that’s a sign that it’s time to grow something within yourself. Start the seed of an idea or an art project or baby makin’. Embrace your Mother-Energy.

Card Three: Three of Swords

This card is one of pain and heartbreak. It’s a reminder that if your heart is feeling a little sore right now, stop ignoring it, don’t push it away. Take the time to focus on healing it. Ask yourself what you need to feel better and then do that. Sometimes you need to take the time to be soft with yourself and to mend your broken heart.

Work on your boundaries. If you’re feeling hurt or feeling betrayed by someone, re-examine their place in your life and then adjust your boundaries accordingly.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s also time to ask yourself if you’re letting past relationships influence your current relationship or your future prospects? Work on rebuilding your trust and your ability to believe in love.

Which tarot card did you choose this full moon?