february self-care

February Self-Care Calendar

This morning I was trying to think of what image I wanted to create for social media. I thought, why not create a self-care challenge/calendar? They’re always really popular and it turned out SO CUTE!

February Self-Care Ideas!

1. Make a list of goals. If you don’t really have any ideas, create a few self-care goals!

2. Positive self-talk! Say something nice to yourself.

3. Take a break. Mentally, emotionally, physically – whatever kind of break you need.

4. Self-soothe. If you;re having a hard time check out these techniques.

5. Move your body in whatever ways feel good to you!

6. Vent to a friend. We spend so much time holding things in, it’s good to let it out.

7. Get inspired. To read, create, think, dream, reorganize your closet – something! We need that rush of inspiration – search for it.

8. Stop putting things off. Procrastination can feel comfortable but you aren’t doing yourself any favors in the long run.

9. Focus on your mental health. It’s important.

10. Relax your muscles – especially your shoulders.

11. Get creative – paint, draw, write, knit – be artsy!

12. Be present. If you’re in the habit of checking out, bring yourself back to the moment.

13. Engage your mind by reading or watching something interesting!

14. Be extra kind to yourself. You deserve it.

15. Meet your needs, whatever those needs are.

16. Get your chores done – especially the one that you hate.

17. Set a hard boundary with yourself or someone else. Stop putting up with stuff you shouldn’t put up with.

18. Connect with yourself. Spend some one on one time with YOU.

19. Manage your time. Create a schedule or try to stay on task today.

20. Focus on stress relief.

21. Focus (or create) a skin care routine today.

22. Get good sleeps!

23. Start a healthy habit.

24. Do an act of kindness.

25. Let that thing go. You know the thing.

26. Focus on your space. Make it smell pretty, clean/organize/declutter bask!

27. Spend time outside.

28. Pajama day!

29. Celebrate yourself. You made it to the end of the month alive and that’s pretty awesome.

What are your February self-care goals?