Filling Up My Cup: August 24th Edition

Tomorrow is the start of my body-loving challenge, the Body Beloved and I am so over-the-moon excited! So far this challenge has gotten the most sign ups of all of them, YAY! So sign up and join us!

I’ve been a very busy bee lately and it’s good to have my reading time.

Here are the things that I’ve been reading to fill up that well of inspiration that dwells within me. Here are some of the posts from my favorite inspirational people on the interwebz!

When you use the “F” word you’ve really gotta mean it, even when it’s hard to find that ever elusive Forgiveness.

Figuring out your life purpose isn’t always easy. If you’re struggling and need some easy tips on discovering your Dharma check out this great post by Jess!

I must be loving Your Super Awesome Life this week because I have two great posts to share with you: How to follow your heart (even when everyone says you’re making a mistake) and what to tell yourself when you don’t feel like doing those things that you need to do. (p.s. Ashley is so adorable!)

A very important lesson that can be learned from bamboo. Allow yourself to be flexible. Are you up for Gina’s challenge? I think incorporating her philosophy into my life right now is going to be awesome.

If you’ve ever felt weird or left out because of your sensitivity or because you need space and time to recharge after being around people this article on highly sensitive people might help you feel better!

What are you reading this week? Feel free to share your own blogs in the comments! 

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