Body Positivity

Fitness + Body Positivity Suggestions Needed!

Today’s blog post for NaBloPoMo was supposed to be about something completely different, you’ll see what tomorrow!

Instead, we’re going to talk about fatness, fitness, and body positivity.

If you’ve been around a while then you might know that 10 years ago I lost a ton of weight. It was 70-80lb and to be truthful, 10 years later I’ve gained it all back and maybe more?

I don’t know because I don’t weigh myself.

It might be the Leo in me, it might be the fact that when I put my mind to something I go alllll in, and I also tend to be a tad bit obsessive about things so knowing my weight is not good for my mental health. I’ll fixate on that number, go overboard trying to be in control, and in the process make myself miserable. While I’ve never firmly planted my feet in eating disorder territory – I have treaded into disordered eating.

So I haven’t known my weight in eight years and I’m happy about that.

But I want to lose weight.

Because my work pants don’t fit anymore.

And I really just want to fit into those freaking pants so that I don’t have to buy new ones.

And that is the extent of my weight-loss goals right now. A pant-size is what, 10ish lbs?

But what I really want to do is love physical activity again.

I’ve always loved jogging but thanks to pesky achilles tendonitis, my ankles don’t always want to cooperate – the joy of growing older. Still, I used to walk or ride my bike everywhere but I’ve fallen out of that and I want to get back into the fun of moving my body parts. (I even made some self-love + fitness worksheets that I’m planning on using!)

I have a ton of other fitness goals that have nothing to do with weight. I’d love to rekindle a consistent, emphasis on consistent, yoga practice. I’d love to be able to jog a mile again, and I want to add intentional movement into my life that doesn’t feel like a chore.

That’s why I need your suggestions!

I want to focus on the fun, love your body, positive, aspect of fitness.

So, I’m looking for body positive workout videos or exercise routines. Help me out and I’ll make a resource list! No bikini-body bootcamps. Bonus points if the videos feature people of all sizes. Representation is important.

I want apps, Youtubers, websites, anyone who is passionate about body positivity and fitness – I want to check them out!

This morning I took my yoga mat into the backyard and did some… exercise moves… is that what you call them? Exercise moves? It made my body feel great (thank you endorphins) and I felt happy afterward, especially when I did my favorite yoga poses, ugh how I missed yoga! Cobra makes me sigh with pleasure every single time.

I took this picture and I absolutely love it. I had rolled my t-shirt under my bra because the only clean shirt I could find was way too small and I was sitting on my mat, talking kindly to my belly. I never want fitness to = body hatred. It can coexist with body love.

Give me your body positivity + fitness resources!