Free November Self-Love Planner & Check-In

As you know, I’ve spent this past week launching and promoting the new 2019 Self-Love Workbook (yay!). I’m just so in love with the new format and the opportunity to dig a little deeper into my own self-care practice that I want to do it NOW. I love the habit tracker and with it being the first of the month, I am so ready to go! You know me, super excited at the start of every single month.

So I present to you totally free, no strings attached, 2018 November pages! Why wait until January to get started? Download it here!

Okay, so let’s talk self-care.

We’re about to enter into the most stressful time of the year. So much stress, so many toxic family connections coming up. With the holidays approaching you’re going to have to see that person. And let’s not forget cooking meals, holiday shopping, and of course, missing loved ones. This time of the year can bring up a lot of stuff, especially if you’re a sensitive bug like me.

Here are some self-care ideas to put the focus on yourself:

Autumn Self-Care Challenge (Winter doesn’t officially start for a bit!)

Winter Self-Care Challenge (Nothing wrong with a headstart)

The Ultimate Guide to Hygge

Self-Care for the Winter Blues

31 Days of Self-Love

November Self-Care Plan

Now let’s look at creating our own self-care plan for this month. Every single day I want you to focus on what you need and then I want you to do your best to meet that need. Just one at first, more if you can manage it. Your needs are so important, YOU are so important.

November self-love planner

What do you need right now?
Cuddles? Support? Quiet time? What everyone needs is different. You might need to make time to do yoga, go out, get fast food so you don’t have to cook, take a nap – what each person needs is different and that’s okay! And if you’re in a relationship – those needs are important too! Might I suggest the Relationship Self-Love Add-On?

How is your body feeling?
Is it time to go see a doctor, dentist, or chiropractor? Body maintenance is important. Or maybe all you need is a long hot bath and a foot massage. Whatever you’re needing – make a plan for it this month, make time for it this month.

What boundaries do you need to enforce?
This is so important this time of the year. Don’t stretch yourself too thin with taking on more than you can handle. Set boundaries, not just with other people, but with yourself. Tell yourself ‘no’,

Is there anything upsetting you or bothering you?
When you put off uncomfortable emotions they have a way of making themselves heard whether you want them to or not. Confront the things that are bothering you and do your best to deal with them. Communicate.

Have you taken care of your basic needs today?
There’s more to basic needs than shelter, food, water, and sleep. What are your basic needs? What’s something essential that helps you to function and feel good on a day-to-day basis? Do that thing.

Take the time to mindfully answer these questions and adjust yourself accordingly. Taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically, is what life is all about. Don’t neglect yourself. Love yourself.

I hope you enjoy the November Self-Love Planner!