full moon magic

Full Moon Self-Care Magic

I tend to be a little witchy when it comes to my spirituality. I love herbs, crystals, nature and one of the things I love most about my spiritual practice is honoring the cycles of the moon.

Magic is most powerful during the Full Moon.

Think about it, that beautiful, huge, bright, orb shining high up in the night sky. There are few things more magical than that.

You’ve probably heard about how all the crazies come out during the Full Moon. This can be because the Full Moon brings with it a spike in Universal energy. Some people are sensitive to that energy and can easily become more emotional.

This is the time to do protection magic, healing, or any magic that involves growth. If you need that burst of energy to finish a project this is the time to ask for it! The Full Moon energy is powerful, nurturing, and cleansing. It also represents the aspect of the Mother Goddess.

Which also makes it a wonderful time to cleanse your energy of negativity. There’s a quick ritual called Drawing Down The Moon that you can to do.

You can be outside in nature, underneath the Full Moon and if that’s not possible you can imagine the Full Moon up above you. See its light shining down around you.

Bathe in the light. See it flooding your body, flowing into every part of you. As the silvery, white, light flows into your body, imagine it washing away the negativity, the hurts, the pain. Let it wash away everything, leaving you clean and vibrant.

Once you have done this, imagine the white light flowing into the earth, back into nature, grounding you back into your body.


“Tell me what you feel in your room when the full moon is shining in upon you and your lamp is dying out, and I will tell you how old you are, and I shall know if you are happy.”
-Henri Frederic Amiel 

Self-Care Full Moon Magic

Since the energy all around us is so much more powerful that means every action involving your intent is powerful. Everything that you do is more meaningful, it holds more magic. How can you incorporate self-care into your full moon ritual?

Your Purification Ritual: Often before any magical working like prayer or spellwork, you take a bath to purify yourself, washing off the physical and emotional dirt that you’ve collected. Baths are one of my favorite self-care rituals. You can turn yours into a delicious moon-time ritual by lighting candles and using special bath-soaks. You can set moonstone crystals around your tub to amplify the energy. Or you can set candles on the edge of your tub (be careful of course!) and have your full moon ritual in the water.

Release and Forgive: The moon is symbolic of emotion, especially female emotion. That makes it a great time to get in touch with your emotions and practice the art of forgiveness. One of my favorite acts to facilitate healing those feelings of guilt and shame is ho’oponopono.

Manifesting: With the energy of the full moon, we also have a great opportunity to manifest things for ourselves. Those things that you want to bring into your life? Write them down and then come up with a plan to make them happen. Let that beautiful full moon energy inspire you to take the first steps toward following your dreams.

Do you celebrate the Cycles of the Moon? What’s your full moon magic?