Gettin’ Your Dance On

Today I wanted to talk about dancing, one of my favorite ways to add movement into my life. If you look at physical self care, it’s not just about massages and getting pampered (although that’s totally part of it) but taking care of your body it a lot of different aspects, including exercise.

However, I like to think of it as intentional movement.

I love to jog, early in the mornings, while listening to zen-ny music. It makes me happy, but what I also like to do to get my body moving in a delicious way, is dancing. Today you have a Self Care Challenge. Make some time today to dance. There’s about a gazillion ways you can do it. Put on some Beyoncé and butcher her moves, she won’t ever know, promise. Find a Zumba Class, I’ve never done it but I hear it’s fun. Vacuum or wash dishes and move while you do, it makes it go a whole lot faster and it can make you zen out and forget the fact that you’re… ya know… cleaning.

A website that I absolutely love, and totally reflects how I feel about dancing is Spirit Moves Dance

I am a huge fan of Meg and I love who she is and what she does. She’s just one of those people that shines out of the internet and you just adore them right off. She has a blog and I love reading her words, she’s a pretty wise lady, and she’s funny, and I love teh funny peoples!

In addition to being a self-described dancing ninja, she’s a very accomplished dancer and teacher. If that’s not enough reason to go and adore her, she just started doing free Dancing Telecircles, which are online dance parties that you can attend by signing up. (Doooo eeet!!!) There’s also her Facebook Page if you want to stay up-to-date on things. You should also get thee to her youtube channel for some super inspiring videos of dance!

Find a way to daaaaance until your heart’s content. In the living room, in the dark, with your friends, online, or with perfect strangers! And that sounds kinda dirty but I promise it’s not!

Do you like to dance? What’s your favorite way to move your body? How do you feel when you dance?