Getting Calm with Celestite

Celestite is one of my favorite crystals, so I thought I’d share with you a little bit about it on today’s Manifesting Magic Monday!


Celestite is a great crystal to help you connect with the Divine/God/Universe. If you read my post on Wishcasting Wednesday, then you know that connecting with the Divine is something that I am working on. Spiritual droughts are no fun.

I need to connect with Spirit.

Celestite is also a great stone for working with your Angels. If you’d like to connect with your guides and work with your angels, Celestite will help you access those realms. Try meditating while holding a piece of it and see if any messages come through for you.

Other uses for Celestite include dream-work. You can sleep with Celestite to help you have good dreams and also as a helper to assist you in remembering your dreams, or having prophetic dreams. Mine usually ends up sitting on my headboard when I’m sleeping and I sleep very well, which is great because I work 3rd shift, meaning I work at night, so I sleep during the daytime.

The reason I love this stone so much, is because it is great for stress and anxiety.


I get stressed out and anxious occasionally and Celestite, along with Amethyst, are my go-to crystals. Celestite brings deep peace and harmony when you are stressed out. It’s great for calming strong emotions and soothing emotional conflict.

I usually have my Celestite sitting by my computer on days that I am doing a lot of Blessing Manifesting work. I tend to allow myself to get overwhelmed easily when I have a lot to do and I find myself reaching over to touch it occasionally. It really is beautiful and it helps!

Have you ever worked with Celestite? What did you think?

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