Goddess Wisdom: Hebe’s Story

I’ve been feeling really drawn lately to my oracle cards, especially the Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses and Heroines deck. I thought it would be nice to feature the story of one of these Goddesses and Heroines every once and awhile. If you like the format let me know, it might be a new thang. Hebe’s story.

Her Story.

Hebe was kinda like the maidservant of Mount Olympus. She was the little sister, the young daughter of Zeus and Hera, representing innocence and youth.

She would prepare chariots, help her brother Ares to dress, and she served the Gods their Nectar coining her the Cup-bearer. She also served them Ambrosia, the food that kept them immortal, earning her the title of Goddess of Youth.

Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera and when her time in service was complete she became the second wife to Hercules and he too, became immortal.

Hebe was also worshiped as a goddess of pardons or forgiveness. It is said that when prisoners were released they would hang their chains on her statue. Hebe represents all that is sweet and good in the world.

What she teaches us.

Hebe teaches us the power of being in service. There is something to be said for being wild, bright, and bigger than life, but there needs to be balance. There’s always someone behind the scenes, and even though her role may be small it is no less important.

In her role as the Keeper of Ambrosia she encourages us to seek immortality but to also get in touch with our youth and innocence. She is all that is good and sweet in the world, she isn’t jaded by life, she looks forward and sees a clean slate and limitless possibilities for all.

Journaling Prompts.

In what ways are you going to live on in immortality? What is your legacy?
What things nourish your spirit?
What do you need to forgive or pardon?
How can you embrace youth and innocence today?

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