Goddess Wisdom: Yemaya’s Story

My spiritual path has always been rather Goddess-Centered. I remember a time when I was absolutely in love with Yemanya, or Yemaya, nearly a decade ago.

There was just something beautiful about her that spoke of comfort, of freedom, and letting go and with my turbulent emotions, she was just what I needed.

Her Story.

Yemanya is such a Universal Goddess. She originated in Africa and is now worshiped in Brazil as well as Haiti and Cuba in the Santeria religion. Who doesn’t love a Goddess of the Ocean? A mermaid with pearls threaded through her hair.

Yemaya is a Yorubian Orisha, or Goddess of the Ocean who is the mother of all. She is the source of the water that gives life in West Africa. She is a protection Goddess and also presides over fertility and creation. Yemaya is a fierce protector of women. When you’re going through a hard time that has a lot to do with emotions, this Goddess is a great one to learn from and to seek comfort with.

Some legends say that after being raped, Yemaya decided to end her own life. She threw herself from the top of a mountain and as she did fourteen Orishas, or Gods, emerged from her body and sacred waters gushed from her womb, giving the gift of water to the earth below, creating the seven seas.

What she teaches us.

Yemaya teaches us that things are always changing and that through those changes compassion and gentleness allows us to create and transform through the process. She encourages us to seek the Divine Mother within ourselves, that strongly protective, infinitely loving, aspect that is inside of us all and to turn it inward.

Yemaya reminds us that like surfing the waves, timing is everything. When opportunities present themselves, you must be ready. Embrace the rhythm of the tides and allow it to wash away your doubts. If you feel that it’s time, don’t hesitate, trust your gut.

Connect with Yemaya

Yemaya is often depicted as a mermaid or as a woman standing among the waves crashing on the shore. You can connect with her by holding a seashell up to your ear and hearing her echo. Visit the ocean and walk through the waves. and allow yourself to be cleansed and comforted by her embrace and her gift to all life.

You can wear the colors blue and white, especially skirts, allowing the material to swish around your legs. Embrace the sensuality of the everyday.

Also, singing, dancing, and drumming are also ways that you can connect with Yemaya. Anything that raises a happy, positive, vibration around you is perfect. There is one song that I’ve loved forever by SpiritSong Drummers and this one is perfect too!

Her Associations: The moon, white and blue flowers, cowrie shells, pearls, and mermaids.

Journaling Prompts

What are you waiting to give birth to?
What do you want to create?
How can you recapture your creative power?
What part of your life needs a wave of new energy?

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