Gratitude For My Purpose

This month has been really big for me. My favorite month this year methinks. There have been some really huge shifts from a business mindset. I don’t even know if I’d call it a business mindset. It’s more of a life-purpose mindset, which intertwines with my business.

This month has been huge in affirming what I do.

It all started with this Monthly challenge thing that I run, which has completely changed the way that I think about what I do and why I do it. It has filled me to overflowing with joy and love and purpose and all sorts of other amazing things.

August’s challenge was all about body love. It’s been my most popular challenge yet (almost 200 sign-ups!). It has been an amazing journey and an amazing process.

Every morning I see women showing up in the group and talking about their bodies. To me, talking about your body is such an intimate thing, especially when there are things that you don’t like about it.

I created a sacred space for honest and vulnerable sharing.

Little ol’ me, whoda thunk it? It’s really taken my confidence as to what I can give to the world, and amped it up. What I love most about the challenge is that it’s free, it’s open to anyone that wishes to change their life or see things in a new way, or learn something new, and I love that I can do that and be of service in that way.

It makes my heart happy.

It also makes me weepy, but in the best way. I was looking at a body-positive website that someone had shared with me, and I was really touched by the stories shared on the website and what an amazing thing they were doing and I thought “I wish I could do that.” and then I got a notification for the facebook group for the monthly challenge, and I realized that I am doing that. I am making a difference too and I am so grateful that the universe has given me this life.

I’m thankful that you are in it.

I’m just all around thankful. Thankful for the lives I get to touch, the stories I get to be apart of, the trust that is put in me, the vulnerability that is shown to me, the validation of the work I do, the love that I feel surrounding me, and the general awesomeness of my life.

Thank you for letting me live my purpose.Β