Grumpy-Pants No More

This last week has seen me being bad-tempered, cantankerous, crabby, cross, crotchety, disgruntled, dissatisfied, griping, grouchy, grumbling, irritable, peevish, pettish, petulant, querulous, sulky, sullen, surly, testy, truculent (thank you thesaurus) which I sum up into one hyphenated word: Grumpy-Pants.

Now grumpy-pants is pretty self explanatory but what it means is that you are metaphorically wearing these gigantic, ill-fitting, drab colored, pants that just scream “Leave me the ‘eff alone or I might bite your face off.”

Not very comfortable and definitely scary. Scary, scary, pants.

I had a bad night at the pays-the-bills-job, and then another, and another and it completely drained me. I was in such a sour mood that even thinking positive didn’t help. My foul mood was so bad that I stepped away from Blessing Manifesting for a few days so as not to drench you with my rainy day(s).

This morning (or evening for those of you that have normal sleeping hours) I woke up and found myself feeling a bit cheerier, a bit back to my normal self. When I checked my e-mail I found a lovely e-mail from one of my Sacred Journey Through Journaling participants telling me how helpful the prompts had been to her. It was lovely and totally a rainbow through the remaining clouds.

My happy-pants appeared and I put on my Blessing Manifesting tiara (because… I mean… it’s a tiara! Part of the official Blessing Manifesting uniform dontcha know?) and I decided to pull a card for me+you this week from the Oracle of the Dragonfae and it was instant LOVE. Lady Titania: Be Joyful.

Lady Titania tells us to celebrate ourselves. There is no true happiness without joy in being who you are. It is time to play, revel, and dance in the moonlight. It is time to emerge from taking shelter and quiet time and partake in joy and the company of loved ones. Delight and celebrate everything!

Just as you are feeling old, despairing, and fatigued, she will sweep you into her strong arms and show you the treasures in your life. Being lonely and isolated is no longer an option for you!

True story! Let’s all find something to be joyful about and let that bring us together. Today I am joyful about a cool summer, the fresh air and the breeze coming through the window, and the absolute goddess-like beauty of my body.

What are you finding joy in today?