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Want to write for Blessing Manifesting?

Do you want to share with us your writing, your story, your wise and wonderful words? If you have something that follows the themes of self-improvementt, self-love, acceptance and compassion, self-esteem, body love, depression, anxiety, mental illness, creativity or any of the things we love opening a dialogue here at Blessing Manifesting shoot me an email at Dominee@BlessingManifesting and we'll talk!

Self-Care for Mamas

Self-care for mamas is a BIG DEAL. I obviously don’t have kids so I can’t put myself in your shoes, though I may try!

I would lovelovelove to have not just a guest blogger for this one but a regular contributor on how you, as a mama, add self care, creativity, spirituality into your life. Inviting someone to share this blogspace with me on a regular basis is a big deal and a first time ever thing. I’d prefer that you have experience blogging for this one, let me read some of your stuff, and enjoy sharing pictures of your life!

Wanted: One passionate creative deep and soulful mum with a talent for words who can contribute one blog post every two weeks to a month.

A Body Love Story

I am looking for brave, bold, and beautiful women to share with me and the readers your body story!
Here's what I'll need from you:
500-1,500 words on your body image challenges and how you learned (or are learning) to love your body. Ideas: When did you start hating your body? What made you want to stop? How did you accomplish that? What was the hardest part? What benefits have you seen come from body love? Advice you would give other women?

A picture of you. I'd love a full body picture, be loud and proud woman! If you want to be artistic go for it. If you want to capture part of your body that you've had trouble with i.e. thighs, belly, stretch marks -- do it.
I want to tell the stories of all kinds of bodies. You're not too old, or too fat, or too fit. We celebrate all shapes and sizes here.

Please send 2-3 sentence bio and a link to any websites or social media accounts. (optional)

Your Self-Love Story

Blessing Manifesting is first and foremost about Self Love. For many women out there it's a difficult journey and so tempting to give up the first time you have a bad day or look in the mirror and feel "fat". I want to know how you practice self love and why and what made you start. I'd love to touch on depression/anxiety/eating disorders/divorces/grief and how loving yourself has helped you cope or overcome. 

Here's what I'll need from you: 
500-1,500 words on your views on self love and self care. I want to hear your personal story about how Self Love made your life better! What has self-love taught you? What did your life look like before self love? The biggest tool that helped you on your journey? How do you keep at it? How did it help your family/relationships? ect... You get the idea!
A picture of you or a picture that represents what self love/self care is for you.
2-3 sentence bio and a link to any websites or social media accounts. (optional)

Other contributions I'm looking for

Self Care For Caregivers
How to deal with the complicated emotions associated with care giving and how it effects your self care routine and how you make time for yourself without feeling guilty.

EFT for Self Care Toolbox
Do you practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as part of your feel-good self care routine? If you know about it, practice it, and would love to share how it has changed your life or helped you then I’d love to have you write a blog post about it! Must have resources/videos/links to share.

Send me your ideas!
If there's something else you think that would rock this blog let's talk!

If you want to write for Blessing Manifesting here's what you need to know:

You don't need to have a blog/website. I'd love to give you a place to share your story just because.

There's no compensation either way. We need to share our stories because it's important.

I'll be sharing 3-4 guest posts a month so if you're interested, email me today! (

I'm looking for heart-centered, real life, content. Nothing sales-y or product based although if your story inspired you to create a video/ebook/ecourse/whatever that's totally cool, share it at the bottom, don't make it the focus of your whole post if you please!

Posts should be between 500-1,500 words. I prefer to make the images so you can send me an image you'd like me to use, choose one from, or I'll choose one for you. Also, include a photo of yourself (optional) as well as a bio and a link to your website (if you have one).

I really love that you're interested. Take the leap and do it, you are good enough. Your story is good enough. Let's do this! Questions? Email me:

Want me to write for you?

(I'm not currently accepting offers to write elsewhere, but it doesn't hurt to ask!) I like to spread my wings every now and then and write for other websites/magazines/projects. If you'd like me to write for your blog or magazine shoot me an email at and we'll talk it over! If you have a project that you'd like me to contribute to or you'd like to work on a project together please email me the details and let me know what you have in mind.