Happy 4th Birthday Blessing Manifesting!

Blessing Manifesting is four years old, can you believe it?! I didn’t even realize that Blessing Manifesting’s birthday was coming up until I got some super sweet congratulations on LinkedIn, holy cow, four whole years, 580 blog posts, over two thousands comments, and tons of shared laughter, wisdom and stories. You are all amazing.

I was looking back on my first blog post, that scary feeling of opening up from a heart-centered place. This was not my first blog, I dabbled in the days of livejournal and myspace but this was the first blog which was not about attention-seeking, drama, woe-is-me, tales of misfortune and misery.

I worried for awhile that starting this blog would make me fall back into those patterns. There’s a thin line between sharing your experiences to help people and sharing because you want the attention, because it makes you feel better inside. Before you know it you’re actively seeking out drama so you have something to write about, so that people will feel bad for you. Yeah, I was that girl.

I look at my first blog post and I’m cheering for that girl who has nothing in her heart but this lovely desire to help other people.

“We are all perfect, imperfect, people. Sometimes it just takes a bit of dusting off and polishing to fully realize how great you really are.”

Oh yes, yes yes, that’s true for all of us. I really want to thank you all for giving me a platform to do what I do, for showing up and sharing your truth and your stories and your loving advice and wisdom!

“I am a work in progress and I want to be able to see that progress as tangible evidence that I am realizing my purpose in life. Maybe I can help someone else realize that they can change how they think/feel/react to live a radiant, happy, life. I by no means have it figured out, but I’m getting there!”

Ha! I thought I was getting there. I have learned that there’s always more to know, to figure out, to explore and experience, and just when you think you’ve got life figured out, well it probably won’t last long, and that’s okay! There are always new challenges ahead and I choose to (try to) face them with grace and enthusiasm and a minimum of temper-tantrum-throwing, but I have learned something very important.

It does get better.

Life gets so much better. In four years you will be so far from where you are right now and that’s such an awesome thing, so keep on keeping on!

To celebrate I made a few covers to jazz up your facebook page! You can snatch them over on the freebies page!