Stop Hating Your Job

6 Ways to Stop Hating Your Job

If you’ve followed me for a while (and I love you for that) you’ll know that I have a job other than this pretty, shiny, website. I work overnights (10pm-7am) at a Walmart, stocking whatever…

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5 ways to be happy

5 Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Happy Self Love Sunday! What are you doing today to give yourself some lovins? Me? I’m sitting here with windows open, enjoying the cold Autumn air. HEAVEN. All the time, people ask me how I…

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5 Ways to Embrace Joy

Happy Self Care Sunday! Last week we talked about how to take care of ourselves when we are over-run by emotions, important stuff! Today we’re going to talk about things that you can do to…

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happy herbs

Happy Herbs

Hello Lovies. Today we have a very special guest! Lindsay is here to share with us her wisdom of herbs. I hope that you enjoy!   Today I wish to talk about herbs and… well happiness….

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how do you love

How do you Love?

I wanted to start off by talking about that oh-so-wonderful thing we call love. We hate feeling it, love feeling it, feel it on different levels, in different ways, for inanimate objects, pets, ideas, people….

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