having a bad day

Having A Bad Day? Here’s A Message For You

I’m having a bad day. From the moment I woke up, it was just one of those days that just feels like it’s going to be difficult. I didn’t get much sleep so I woke up cranky, my WiFi was down for maintenance, and then the first email I saw was from someone disputing their $199 charge of my Ultimate Self-Love Bundle). The cherry on top was that Stripe (my payment processor) already gave them a refund and charged me a dispute fee. 😭

As I was planning out my day today I decided that I could either get on with the day (and be cranky) or I could take some time to give myself some TLC (and then see how I feel in a few hours).

Making this already helped though. It’s okay to have bad days. It’s okay to complain. And it’s okay to be in a pissy mood. You’re human.

Here are some things you might need to hear if you’re having a bad day.

Everyone has off days. You are doing your best. (So don’t beat yourself up about it!)

There’s nothing wrong with taking time to recalibrate. Start your day later in the day once you’ve had time to practice a little TLC.

It’s okay to cry, even when it’s not a big deal. Crying is not a childish response to anything.

It’s okay to be upset and frustrated. Your feelings are valid.

One moment doesn’t have to ruin the entire day. (But it doesn’t make you a failure if it does.)

Talking or venting about it doesn’t make you a burden.

You’re allowed to put your needs first.

You deserve a tight hug, a cup of tea, and your favorite comfort show.

Bad days don’t last forever.