Here’s a secret: You ARE enough

Hello sweetheart! If you’re new here, welcome, and if you aren’t then welcome back! Today I am so excited because the app on my phone says it might rain tomorrow and rain gets me all giddy and happy. Don’t know why I felt the need to share that with ya, but I did, yay rain. Another thing that’s making me happy is all of the feedback and lovin’s for my Sacred Journey through Journaling. I wanted to drop by and give you a little message: You are enough.

Are you ready for Self Love Sunday where I share with you a wonderful way to enrich and nourish your journey to loving yourself?

I want to share with you something that I’ve learned in the last year or so of this wonderful inner journey I’ve been on. I am enough. At times it really didn’t feel that way and sometimes it still doesn’t. I didn’t feel like I was letting go enough, or getting over my depression enough, or being happy enough or doing enough to fix all of my issues. When you start beating yourself up for all of the things that you are not you miss the great joy of seeing the things that you are. Beautiful, magical, amazing things.

Regardless of where you’ve been, or where you are going… right now… you are enough.

I believe that we all have the potential to be great and amazing and fabulous and every little thing that we imagine, but that doesn’t have to happen right now. Sometimes it can’t happen right now and that’s absolutely no reason to feel like we are failing in some way.

Think of the seedling of an oak tree. It has to grow into what it is to become, same as us. It’s a slow process but it happens. It happens in stages but it does happen. If you are feeling like you aren’t enough realize that this is part of the process, it’s alright and you will get there, and until you do just let go of that feeling, let go of that feeling that’s keeping you from appreciating, loving, and celebrating the you right now.

Love exactly who you see in the mirror…. You are enough.

Even if you feel like you used to be so much more than what you are now, know that you are enough. Know that your experiences have brought you so much growth. Believe that you will find your radiance again.

If you look at that person that you so badly want to be and you fear that you will never get there and never achieve the greatness that you want to be, know that it happens one step at a time. Just keep moving in the right direction, even if you occasionally lose your way. You are enough.

Let those words sink into your skin. Believe them, feel them, know them.

You are enough.

When you hear those words, how does it make you feel?