Hestia: First and Last

One of my favorite Goddesses is Hestia, she’s the true Domestic Goddess, ruling over the hearth and home.

When people come over to my apartment, which is very rare because only the most important people are allowed into the sacred space of Dominee, mainly because it truly is a sacred place to me, and of course you all have an open invitation to tea because you are pretty sacred to me too.

Hestia was considered both the oldest and youngest of Olympians, Oldest because she was the first-born of Rhea and youngest because when Cronus swallowed all of his children in an effort to stop them from overthrowing him, she was the last to be disgorged. This earned her the title Hestia, First and Last.

I’ve had an affection for Hestia for many years now. I even wrote about her previously in regards to Spring Cleaning. She’s just one of my favorites, I can’t help myself! Up above is my little Hestia altar in my kitchen, one of her places of power. Fireplaces, kitchens, and places of warmth and homeyness are perfect places to celebrate the power of Hestia.

I wanted to share a wee bit about my altar. The crocheted Hestia doll was found on etsy and is one of my favorite purchases ever. It’s so adorable! I was also so happy to find the stove/teapot essential oil warmer. The statue is my pride and joy! I could not find a suitable statue of Hestia so instead I found an unpainted statue of the Virgin Mary and I then painted her in the likness of how I saw Hestia. I think she turned out beautifully and it really imbued her with a sense of what Hestia means to me.

I keep my keys in a silver soap dish as a way of blessing the security of my home. There are few things more precious than a safe and happy space to come home to.

May your own home be blessed.