Today’s card is Honesty. Look at that face, can you imagine that he would be anything but honest with you? The thing about Honesty is that he sees you just the way you are and he loves you anyway.

Honesty. Compassion. Tact. Self-deceit. 

Honesty is about being honest with yourself and others, pretty self-explanatory, eh? You need to be completely honest and leave no room for confusion or misunderstandings. Everything that you say and write needs to be clear right now. There is such a thing as harsh honesty, it is clear, yet it is also hurtful. That’s not the kind of honesty that Honesty likes, even though he knows we must use it sometimes.

Honesty likes honesty that has compassion and tact. Brutal honesty usually isn’t true honesty at all, but slanted towards the worse and towards negativity. Just think of what it means.

Brutal: Savagely violent. Punishingly hard.

Why would you ever want to be brutally anything? When you are honest with yourself be kind and be gentle, it will make your path easier. When being honest with others do the same, make their path just a little bit easier. It’s a fine line, true honesty, but as long as you are loving in your honesty you’ll find a way to walk it.

I think about the things that I need to be honest with myself about in a gentle way. I want so many things for myself. I want to live up to what success means to me and I do believe I am, yet… I also, honestly, want to be a success in other’s eyes as well.

I want so much for myself that often times the thoughts of those things are just little whispers in my mind, so afraid to be spoken out loud, too afraid that saying them would make them manifest when I’m not ready for them. I don’t believe in forcing yourself to do anything/be anything. Maybe that’s too much of a passive outlook, I prefer to think of it as gentle.

I believe that when we are ready, we are ready, and beautiful things happen. When things happen before we are ready, (even good things that under different circumstances, or at different times in our lives, could be great opportunities), it can be traumatic and painful. You’re ready when you are ready, it’s like being born, and some people are ready sooner than others.

That is what my honesty tells me.

Journaling Prompt: Is there something that you need to be honest with yourself, or someone else, about? How can you do it in a gentle way?