how do you love yourself

How Do You Love?

Let’s talk about love. But specifically, I want to ask: how do you love yourself? Love. Such a loaded word. We hate feeling it, love feeling it, and feel it on different levels, in different ways, for inanimate objects, pets, ideas, and people. How do you love?

What a diverse and strange feeling/emotion/word.

When we’re children love comes so easily and naturally. We fall in love almost instantly with things, people, and places. We make best friends on the playground within five minutes just because someone is wearing our favorite color or likes ‘My Little Pony’. However, as we grow up we start to give our love grudgingly. People have to work for it. We don’t love just to love. We love because people do things for us, because they earn it. It is no longer simple and easy.

Why is that? When do we learn that love isn’t something to give ourselves (and others) just because?

You have to love who you are.

That’s one of the very most important things in life. How you feel about yourself affects your friendships, relationships, jobs, home life. It’s not easy, it’s just like every other relationship. It takes work, and communication, and time and effort. It takes the ability to show love.

If you were with someone that never told you that they loved you and then told you you looked fat or ugly or called you boring, or said that no one really liked you, would you find it easy to love that person?

Of course not!

Look in the mirror and tell yourself how cute you are. Do things for yourself that make you feel good and pampered. Don’t ever talk to yourself in a way that you wouldn’t talk to your best friend, child, or spouse. You are just as deserving of love and consideration as they are. So, love you, love you, love you! Think about how amazing your body is and all the wonderful things it’s done with you throughout the years. Pretty amazing!

This life doesn’t last forever and I think we’re wasting it if we aren’t showing love to the people that we love. We should all try our very best to express love to those people in our life that make living life worth it, even the people that drive us absolutely batty, be honest, life would be boring without them!

How do you love yourself?