How Do You Wake Up?

What’s your reaction when you first wake up?

Do you jerk awake to the sounds of alarms blaring all around you? Do you, with a groan that sounds like a ravenous zombie, reach over to pound on the snooze button, only to be awakened by alarms a few minutes later?

The word says it all: alarm.

Is that really the way you want to start your day? 365 moments of alarms, frantic beeping, or the radio blaring at you?  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Experiment with the noises you wake up to. If you use your phone stray away from the default alarms. Use a ringtone that you like. Pick a song that makes you wake up happy and want to conquer the world.

There’s apps for that, there’s alarm clocks that will wake you up to chimes or even nature sounds.

How do you wake up? 

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