How I Talk To Goddess

One of the tools that has been so important to me getting my life together has been writing. It has helped me to manage my depression, it has allowed me to dig deep spiritually, and it’s always been my way of working through the big stuff.

My Journal is a book of conversations. 

Conversations with my demons, conversations with my inner wise woman, and conversations to and from my Goddess.

I allow Her to speak through me. When I need advice I just allow myself to write and eventually the answers I need at that moment come to me.

Sometimes it’s just an overwhelming feeling of comfort as sweet words pour onto the pages, soothing my heart in just the right way.

My Journal is prayer written on paper.

When I need help I write down what I need and somehow the solutions seem to find me, or I discover them. When I am feeling grateful it allows me to express it and be thankful.

A few years ago I was going through a terrible time. I’d rush to my journal and write down a plea for the pain to stop. Within those pages, as I wrote out my agony and the tears fell, the pain would subside.

My Journal is my place of healing.

When I write, I don’t just write I transport myself to a safe place, mentally and emotionally. Most of the conversations in my journals take place after I write the scene. Sometimes I imagine myself sitting next to Goddess on a warm sandy beach at twilight with the moon reflecting on the surface of the ocean. I write down the scene in as much detail as possible, along with details on how Goddess looks to me. It puts me into a semi-meditative state which instantly calms me.

If you want to delve deeper into your spirituality then start a journal.

It allows you to document your spirituality, connect with yourself and your God, and figure out what works for you.