how to pick a crystal

How to Pick a Crystal

I’ve noticed that I tend to just jump into topics without giving you some background, so every now and again we’re going to get back to the basics! We’re going to talk about how to pick a crystal. I used to wonder how in the world you were supposed to pick out crystals. I’d hear stories of being drawn to stones, of feeling their energy and knowing they were right for you.

Honestly, the first few times I was around crystals I felt a big ol’ nothing. 

I remember I was out shopping with a friend a long time ago. She handed me a crystal and knowingly said, “Do you feel that?”

I didn’t feel anything and I felt so awkward that I just wasn’t getting it. I just nodded without saying anything because I didn’t want to look silly. After all, I was into all this New Age stuff, following your intuition and whatnot, I shouldn’t have to be taught how to feel something like that.

I began to question if maybe I wasn’t very intuitive and receptive after all, maybe crystals just weren’t for me.

The truth is, I was trying too hard.

You can’t make yourself feel it, even if you think you should be able to feel it because you’re awesome like that. If you don’t feel anything at first don’t stress about. The key is allowing yourself to be receptive. Keep an open mind, don’t force it, and you’ll “feel” it eventually.

So how do you pick a crystal?

The easiest way is just to choose crystals that you feel drawn to. Like you feel you ought to have. I’ve been in shops with no intention of buying crystals that day and I see one and it makes me feel like I ought to take it home with me. If you turn to walk away and feel like it needs to come with you and you’re going to regret it if you don’t get it right now, then that’s a stone for you. 

A lot of people swear by using your “receptive” hand. Your receptive hand is the one that you do not write with. In energy healing, the (usually) left hand is used to receive energy, and the (usually) right hand is used to give energy. I tend to feel it equally with either hand. 

To experiment with this you can hover your hand over one crystal, or a group of crystals, to see if you feel drawn to one. You might feel a warmth or a tingling, a buzzing, a pull, or just a feeling that you can’t explain. 

Just like people, you might not mesh with every crystal you meet.

But when you find one that resonates with you, don’t let it go.

You aren’t going to like every stone you come in contact with. For example I do not like working with Tiger’s Eye or Moonstone. I don’t know why, but these two just rub me the wrong way and give me the heebiejeebies. Tiger’s Eye, for example, is really good for protection. So if that’s something I feel like I need then I will look at other stones instead, like agate and black tourmaline. 

I recommend going out to a shop and buying one or two stones that call to you. Research them and see what they are meant to bring into your life. If you feel drawn to rose quartz maybe you need to start working on your self-love or your relationships. Crystals are wonderful for helping us to discover what needs to be balanced within us.

Journaling Prompts: Have you ever tried feeling the energy of a crystal? Are there some crystals that you are attracted to more than others? Why do you think that is? What advice on how to pick a crystal would you give to someone?