How was your Self Care this April?

Hello sweets, happy April! This is just a little check-in, a little reminder, to pay attention to where you are in your self care right now. Despite our best intentions it’s so easy to get distracted with life to the point that you’re on autopilot, just doing what you need to do to get by, and you completely forget to add in nourishing self care. Let’s be accountable together. Let’s share how we did this month. First off:

What do you need right now?

Really ask yourself that question.
Are you feeling tired and worn down and in need of a break? What can you do to fill yourself up?
Are you in a reeeaaaally nice sweet spot right now? How can you keep up that momentum?

Are there any things that came to your attention this month that you just didn’t have the time or energy to deal with? Or maybe you’ve been afraid to confront those things?
Dealing with issues and problems as they come up instead of ignoring them is self care.

Looking back on this month, where do you find room for improvement? What could you have done just a teensy bit better?

I also want to know what went right for you? What are you SUPER proud of yourself for?

Let me share with you. I have to do the work every single day myself too. We’re working on it together!

My self care this month was a bit of a double-edged sword. I went on vacation from the retail job and had a whole nine days of freedom. I made so many plans for Blessing Manifesting, things I wanted to write about, things I wanted to create and I did a whole lot of none of it.

Instead I took walks through the park, every single day. I slept in, I took naps, I had lunch with friends, I gardened, I made a new friend, I took long bubble baths while reading really good books. You know, I relaxed, like you’re supposed to do on a vacation.

I also felt really guilty.

Dominee, you should be doing this, you should be doing that. No, don’t take a nap, focus. Ah, why’d you give in?!

On the very last day, nine days of guilt later, I realized that I really freakin’ needed the break. I knew it at the beginning, I just didn’t want to admit it and I thought I could guilt myself into needing something different. Sometimes you need what you need and you just gotta go with it. There’s no wiggling out of it. You can go kicking and screaming or you can just give into the softness of your spirit saying rest.

I’m a work in progress.

So, how’d you do this month?

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