I Wish to Nourish My Spirit

I decided to participate in Wishcasting Wednesday. This week’s prompt is ‘What Do You Wish To Nourish?’ The first answer that comes to mind is that I wish to nourish my friendships. However, after a little bit of thought, I don’t think that’s what I need to be concentrating on at the moment.

What I really need to do is nourish my spirit.

I wish to nourish my spirit. I’ve been going through a bit of a spiritual drought lately. It’s hard to explain since I do things like meditate and pray on a daily basis but it lacks the passion it once had. My relationship with spirituality is much like a marriage. It’s there, it’s constant, I’m never going to leave, but sometimes it gets comfortable. I go through the motions without really feeling it.

There are other times when I am filled with so much passion and love for my faith. It fills me up to the point of overflowing joy and happiness. I honestly feel like a school girl in love. This week I am going to concentrate on the things that fill me up spiritually and nourish the spark of passion that I feel for my faith. I’m approaching 11 years of following this path but there is still so much to learn and to experience.

What about you?