If Only I Could Tell You…

How much you deserve to be happy.

I wish I could put into words, words that would wrap around you and sink into your skin, how much you deserve it.

If only those words would seep into the cracks created by your sadness and your pain, filling you with a light that would radiate from you. One that you wouldn’t shy away from because you believe you’re all shadows.

I wish you could see what I see in you.

If only I could tell you to stop wrapping your mistakes like a barrier around yourself that repels the kindness that the world gives back to you. For you are kind and good and all of the things that the world needs if only you’d see it, accept it, and be it.

If only I could tell you that happiness is there for the taking, given freely and waiting to be accepted if only you’d accept it. But you feel like it’s something that you need to pay for and you’re so far in debt already. Afraid that you’ll take it and lose it and then where will you be?  Owing more than you can handle with no relief in sight. It’s a burden you bear that could be shared if only you’d voice it.

If only I could tell you that happiness is something that you get to keep forever if you want it. It becomes part of your essence if you dare to believe it.

If only I could tell you to be brave, to grasp it, and never let go.

Simply because it’s worth it, you’re worth it, and happiness is yours. 

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