Inner Journey: Wildness


Many moons ago, I created the Self-Love Guide. It was a 12-month journey and each month had a different topic. I decided to retire it last year but recently it's been calling to me to be re-created. I'm going to be re-releasing the re-edited and re-designed content one month at a time.

I decided to re-release Wildness because it's the one that calls to me the most right now. Spring is slowly turning into summer and I am feeling the call to be outside and be one with the earth. Every week there's a thunderstorm and I find myself standing in my backyard with rain running down my face. It just seems right. I think we all need to be reminded of our wildness every now and then.

What is Wildness?


Wildness is a 30-page .PDF that focuses on harnessing the wild energy inside of you, embracing your true self, and being authentic. There's a coloring page, journaling page, worksheet, information on the Goddess Artemis, a ritual to embrace your wild goddess self, a few colorful printables and more!

This is a digital file (.PDF) that you print from home or fill out from your desktop computer.

Here's an excerpt:

When was the last time that you truly let yourself be yourself?

Every day you are told that you have to fit into a mold. You have to live up to standards of beauty and behavior – you have to fit into the roles of mother – wife – woman.

From the time that you are little, there’s always someone encouraging you or telling you that you need to be someone or something.
We’re all carefully cultivated little flowers that are molded by our environment. We are pruned away at times, parts of us clipped and shaped to suit someone else. We are encouraged to grow like this and look like that.