self-love workbook

Inside my Self-Love Workbook (November)

Every year I talk about Post-Project Blues. It's this thing that I get every time I release a new project and I am in it right now. I'm feeling kinda weepy, super questioning myself and what I do and why I do it and generally just wanting to throw my computer through a window.

The great thing is, this is normal.

It really is. It's a thing that's happened since 2012 and I'm a pro at it. Don't get me wrong, it really sucks but I am also really grateful that I am able to recognize it as part of my procress and not freak out about it. That first year - well it was a doozy. I was convinced I was done being a blogger.

I've spent the last four months obsessing about the 2019 Self-Love Workbook, creating it, deciding that it wasn't enough work and I should make a calendar too. It's been non-stop promotion and answering e-mails and customer service. I haven't given myself a break (and that's totally been my bad).

I love this work so much that sometimes I forget to function outside of it. My dinner depends on the break between writing this blog post and finishing up the newsletter. My sleep schedule is dependant on what time I get done with my work for the day. Which means I'm functioning on about five. My relationship is a lot of absentminded (albeit very affectionate) pats as she sits next to me and watches our favorite show of the week (Great British Baking Show!) which I'm trying to pay at the very least 50% attention to so I can comment on whether or not I'd eat that pastry and who's going to be Star Baker.

So I'm a tad depressed.

And in this specific case, it's pretty much all my fault.  I know of this thing about me called post-project blues. I know the thing that makes it better (breaks, relaxation, fun) and I am depriving myself because it's hard to enforce boundaries. (Even with yourself.) Yesterday I even tried to relax. In my relaxation, I was stressing out because I had soooo much stuff to do. Even this very moment as I'm writing this I'm telling myself I'll take a break tomorrow (and I will, I promise).

Last week I shared the free November Self-Love Workbook pages, in this brand new style that I just love. This morning I forced myself to take a break and fill it out. Something I've been meaning to do for exactly 10 days now. I figured I'd share what it looks like. My stickers of choice are "Creative You" which can be found at Walmart in the stationary department and My Happy Planner stickers.

self-love workbook