Into the street the Piper stept smiling first a little smile..

Hello shiny sparkly soul!

Today’s card that I pulled for me + you (what a completely awesome combination) is the Piper from Brian Froud’s The Faeries’ Oracle.

I love this card because I’ve been thinking about and talking about a lot of what this card represents. I really want to start sharing my love of music. Music can be so transformational and has had a lot to do with my journey and where I’ve been. During my darkest moments of the parts of me shifting, colliding, fragmenting, and coming together, music helped me make sense of it. Definitely a post for another day!

I’ve also been thinking about my tribe. You see, my entire life I have wanted nothing more than to fit in and be a part of something. In high school I tried the school newspaper and Writer’s Club, both of which I dropped out of. I practiced Wicca but never found any like-minded people to connect with in person so I gave up. The Goddess Circle was my first foray into fitting in and it felt good. I’ve begun to realize that I don’t have to seek that out any more. It comes to me, and that’s a pretty awesome thing to realize.

The Piper drifts through our lives allowing us to communicate from the heart without the use of words. Through music you can convey emotions to one another and allow someone else to hear what’s in your heart without saying a thing. The Piper’s approach is gentle and wordless, he plays for us with the whispers of leaves, birdsong, the rustle of grass, and the whirring of the computer. Listen to the world around you.

The Piper teaches us that when we want something we should try to be polite and gentle in our approach, use your skills of persuasion and then wait for it to come to you. Embody what you want in life and allow it to make its way to you. It’s a Law of Attraction kinda thang.

What things do you want to draw to you? What are you waiting to manifest in your life? What sort of Piper are you?

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