It’s Okay to Sleep. Rest. Relax.

A few days ago I asked the women in the SoulSisterhood and on the facebook page this one question: What do you need right now?

The answer was overwhelmingly sleep, rest, and to relax.

I totally understand! I’ve been there. I was there, just a few short weeks ago. Last month was really hard on me. I’d reached my breaking point on so many levels. Stress was off the charts, anxiety was getting to me, my to-do list was piling up, and the worst part was I knew it, I just decided to ignore it.

Because I’m basically super-woman.
Because I’m strong and I don’t need to take a break.
Because I’m not lazy and things need to get done.
Because if I just push through it, it’ll go away right.
Because if I cut two hours into my sleep I can get more done.
Because being productive is important.
Because eventually I’ll catch up and be proud of myself.

How we like to tell ourselves things to justify our neglect. That’s what it is, at the end of the day. We’re neglecting ourselves for whatever reason, for some greater cause that probably isn’t, in reality, greater than our own well-being.

Well-being. I love that word. Are you a well being? Are you taking care of your own wellness?

I could give you tips on how to rest, how to sleep better, what things you might try to help facilitate better sleep, how to improve your bedtime routine, the things I did in this article. But there is really only one tip that matters:

Put your well-being first.

Put your need for sleep and rest and relaxation first. (or if that’s not possible – at least put it somewhere on the list)

It’s hard to fight for yourself but you have to. You have to put your needs at the top of the list and honor it.

It’s not selfish. It’s not needless. Honoring your deep needs allows you to function as your best self and that makes a difference. It truly does. It affects your sense of self, your home life, your relationships, what you are able to give to your work and your projects.

Make the time to do that. Figure out why you aren’t getting enough sleep, rest, relaxation – or whatever it is that you need right now – and then figure out how to change that. Figure out how to be the difference between meeting your needs and not.

How can you give yourself what you need?