January 2017 Full Moon Oracle Card Reading

As I shuffled the cards, the energy of the Full Moon on my mind, I asked for guidance. I asked what we need to know this moon cycle. I asked for wisdom for all of us. Let our paths be clear.

Take a deep breath and focus on the picture above.

Let your intuition guide you.

Which card are you drawn to?

Which one speaks to you?

Now pick!

This month I am using my brand new and beautiful Journey Oracle deck by Adrienne Trafford

Card One – Queen of Diamonds

The Queen of Diamonds is a reminder to focus on all of the things that you have right now in your life. Practice gratitude and then do what you can to pay it forward to others. Don’t be blind to all the ways that you are rich in life. Rich in love to give others, the ability to listen, the energy to contribute to a cause, the time to help someone out, wisdom and experiences that could be just what someone else needs to hear.

Where is there a surplus in your life that can help some else?

Because this is the first Full Moon of the year, it’s a great time for new beginnings – maybe it’s time to create space for one. Donate clothes, books, or furniture that you’re no longer using to someone that might need it. Even little things life bringing leftover food or baked goods to a co-worker can totally brighten their day!

Card Two – Welcome

Perfect timing for the New Year and for the energy of this Full Moon. Open your arms and be prepared to welcome something into your life. There’s something coming your way this moon cycle – something good- but you’ve got to be ready to open that proverbial door. You have to be willing to let it in.

In the next 30 days, something is going to enter your life. It might be a new love or friendship or a pre-existing relationship that’s going to move to a different level. It could be a creative idea or project – a big “Ah ha!” moment that inspires you to create – don’t be afraid of it, move with it.

The Universe is getting ready to take your hand and lead you in a new direction in some area of your life. Be open to it, be willing, and be welcoming. Follow the path.

Card Three – Queen of Clubs

The next 30 days are going to be lucky days for you. It’s time to take chances, take some risks, and make your own luck. If you’ve had a bad time of it lately, look forward to that changing – if you’re working to change it.

You make your own luck and fortune favors the bold. If there’s something that you’ve been dying to do – go out there and do it – but more than that, believe in your ability to achieve it. Believe in your worth and your worthiness.

Once you get past that self-imposed cage of “I don’t deserve this – I’m not good enough” amazing things start to happen and amazing opportunities open up for you. I’ve seen this in my own life with my self-love practices and with my business. Believe that you deserve it. Believe in your ability to create your own good fortune.

How are you celebrating the Full Moon?

I’m making a hearty soup and baking some bread and then I’m going to have a little ritual to bless this new magical journey I’m on.