self-care check-in

January 2021: Self-Care Check-In

We’ve almost made it to the end of the first month of 2021. So this is the perfect time to pull out your 2021 Self-Care Planner, go to the “notes” page and give yourself a little self-care check-in.

I like to think of my overall self-care as like a battery. Somedays I’m drained, some days I’m focused on recharging, and other days I’m operating on a full battery.

So how are you doing? How are you *really* doing?

? Checking in with yourself is so important because when you acknowledge where you are (even if it’s not great) you’re in a better position to figure out how to improve things or you’re learning what things keep you at a good level!

? Your needs are being met. You don’t feel drained. You generally feel pretty good at the end of the day because there’s a balance between getting things done but also taking care of yourself. Your self-care battery is 100%-90% charged.

? Things are going pretty well but it would be nice to either have more time to yourself or do something that helps you recharge a little bit. Your self-care battery is 70%-89%.

? Things are going okay but you’re itching to have some free time for self-care. Your self-care battery is 50%-69% charged.

? You’re feeling stressed out and in need of me-time. Your self-care battery is only 20%-49% charged.

? Your needs are not being met at all so you’re either completely drained or super stressed/anxious. It’s time to try to meet your own needs and focus on self-care. Your self-care battery is less than 20% charged.

So now that you’ve had your self-care check-in it’s time to a) recharge b) maintain.

Find out what recharges you and make sure that you’re including it in your daily routine.